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  • Dental tourism is a newest concept which adds pleasure to your dental treatments.

    Surya Dental Care wants all our long distance patients to enjoy your trip to our clinic along with completion of all your dental needs. We want our patients to enjoy the beauty of our state and the country so as to make their dental trip a fulfilling one. We hope to flourish the relation with our patients much more then a mere doc-patient relation.

    So, Surya Dental Care has come with the idea of introducing DENTAL TOURISM

  • What Concept has Surya Dental Care, Rajkot introducted for Dental Tourism ? Why Us.!!

    > Whom to select?

    > How would I travel travel?

    > Where would I stay?

    > How would I cope up with my dental treatments?

    > Would I get a hotel booking easily?

    > What if I get cheated in the city?

    These are all the obvious questions that would be rising into your mind. But now forget all your worries; keep all your problems aside, WE ARE THERE TO HELP YOU

  • Surya Dental Care will provide “ONE STOP SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS”

    Right from your entry in our country or state we will arrange for all your facilities from the time you step out of your flight. We will arrange for:

    > TAXI which will carry you from the airport to your hotel

    > HOTEL BOOKINGS in a good hotel of your choice

    > TRAVEL AGENT who will your complete trip (He will plan your complete trip in some selected destinations which you want to visit, make arrangements of your flight booking, transportation, hotel accommodation etc. Along with that he will co-relate with us about your dates of dental treatment so that he can plan your trip accordingly so that you can enjoy your trip in between your dental dates without wasting any extra time)

    > TAXI which would be with you to bring you to the dental clinic and would help you roam in the city.

    > TRAVEL ADVISER which will make you familiar with our city& will guide you with sightseeing & shopping.?


Kuth is largest district of gujarat, covering an area of 45,612 sq. km. Being in the arid area of the country, the climate of the kutch region is extreme: hot during summer and very cold during winter. From the city of bhuj various ecologically rich and wildlife conservation areas of the kutch can be visited such as indian Wild Ass and Desert Wild life Sanctuary, Narayan SarovarSanctuary, Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Banni Grasslands Reserve and Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve etc.

How To Reach
By Road: Rajkot to Bhuj 400 Km
By Air: Mumbai-Bhuj (daily) 40 minutes fly.
By Rail: Kutch Express - Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Gandhidham.

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team member single image

Somnath Temple

Shree Somnath is first among the twelve Aadi Jyotirlings of India. It has a strategic location on the western coast of India. The temple is built at the shore of the Arabian ocean on the western corner of Indian subcontinent. This pilgrimage is one of the oldest and find its reference in the ancient texts like Skandpuran, Shreemad Bhagvat, Shivpuran etc. The shore temple of Somnath is believed to have been built in 4 phases-in gold by Lord Soma, in silver by Ravi, in wood by lord Krishna and in stone by King Bhimadeva. The temple is consisting of Garbhgruh, Sabhamandap and Nrityamandap with a 150 feet high Shikhar. The Kalash at the top of the Shikhar weighs 10 tons and the Dhwajdand is 27 feet tall and 1 foot in circumference.

How To Reach
By Road: Somnath is 79 Km. from junagadh and 179 Km. from Rajkot. State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various center of Gujarat to Somnath.
By Air: The nearest Airport is at Keshod,(47 Kms.) which is connected with Mumbai. it is also about 90 Km. from the Diu airport.
By Rail: Somnath is located 6 Km. from the nearest railway station at Veraval..

Sasan Gir

Gir is the place that deserves time and involvement. Your chnaces of spottong wildlife in a few hours is small,especially in the middle of the day;to truly experience the wonders of the Gir forest, and hopefully see a wide variety of its diverse wildlife, three or four days is recommended, particularly with a knowledgeable guide. This will vastly improve the depth of your visit.Contact the park for information about hiring a guide(Phone no below.) For shorter visits, the Gir interpretation Zone, at Devalia, 12 Km west of Sasan Gir, has some lions in captivity but this is not the same as visiting them inthe wild. After all, to see alion in captivity you can visit a local zoo; come to Gir to see them in the wild. Enttry fees for the interpretation Center(different from the park itself) are, for indians Rs.75/- Mon-Fri, Rs.95/- Sat.-Sun, Rs. 115/- on Holidays and for foreigners US $20.

How To Reach
By Road: Gir National park is 60 Kms from Junagadh, the most common base for making a visit, and 357 Kms from Ahmedabad.
Time:Open 7 pm - 11 am and 3 pm - 5:30 pm.

For more information, contact the Forest Department at Sassan Gir,Tel: +91 - 2877 - 285541.

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Prize Compare Overview

Lots of people every year flying from USA, Europe an other parts of world to india for dental implant,dental surgery,and other dental treatment which is generally economical in indiaour hospital in Gujarat-India is the best with latest technology and experienced qualified dentist with strict sterilization process.

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* All rates above mention subjected to variation.
* We accept payment in Indian Rupees, USD, Pound in cash/cheque.

So what are you thinking , plan your Dental Tourism now. Call us on +91- 94260 51851

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